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Chestnut pumpkin
  • Chestnut pumpkin
  • Chestnut pumpkin
  • Chestnut pumpkin
  • Chestnut pumpkin

Chestnut pumpkin

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Green Food Chestnut pumpkin
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Chestnut pumpkin is a new variety of small melon-type early-maturing pumpkin. The fruit is flat spherical, the peel has a longitudinal pattern, and the flesh is thick and orange-yellow.


Chestnut squash is a general term for a type of pumpkin, which can be divided into green chestnut squash and red chestnut squash according to color, and can be divided into high-yield chestnut squash and small chestnut squash according to fruit size. According to the use, it can be divided into edible chestnut squash, processing chestnut squash and edible and processing chestnut squash.


This variety has a unique flavor, dense meat, delicate taste, and taste like chestnut. It is suitable for various cooking methods such as frying, frying, and steaming.


The outstanding variety is "Jili 958" pumpkin seeds, which are edible and processing chestnut pumpkins. It is a kind of high-yield chestnut squash. It is widely cultivated all over the country. Because of its edible and processable characteristics, it is relatively smooth in the sales of commercial melons.


This variety is characterized by strong plant growth potential, strong disease resistance and stress resistance, strong fruit setting ability, outstanding cold and heat resistance, dark green peel with light stripes, 2-4 melons per plant, and a single melon weighs about 2kg. The output is high and the commodity is good.


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Standard out of the bag, 23-24 kg per bag, 12-15 per bag


Can be packed according to customer requirements



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