Dehydrated Vegetables
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Dehydrated Vegetables
Dehydrated Green Chili
  • Dehydrated Green Chili
  • Dehydrated Green Chili

Packaging: Lite

Processing technology: drying

Raw materials and ingredients: green pepper

Shelf life: 365 (days)

Moisture content≤7(%)

Storage method: avoid light and room temperature

Sales method: bulk

Net content (specification) 2000 (g)

Packaging series: simple series

Hot month: all year round

Storage conditions: room temperature


Product Name】: Green Pepper

Extraction source】: green pepper

[Content specification]: Vegetable powder

[Detection method]: TLC thin layer identification

[Product technology]: It is processed by advanced spray drying technology to retain the nutritional taste.

Product Properties】: Green powder

Organization】: Loose powder, no agglomeration

Moisture content】: less than 7%

[Storage]: Store in a cool, dry place away from light and high temperature.


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