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Chinese Cabbage
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Chinese Cabbage
Chinese cabbage (scientific name: Brassica rapa var. glabra Regel) is a biennial herb of the Brassica family, Brassica, up to 60 cm in height, the whole plant is glabrous, with many basal leaves, large, obovate-oblong to broadly obovate, apex rounded and obtuse, margin shriveled, wavy, petioles white, flat, flowers bright yellow, sepals oblong or ovate-lanceolate, erect, pale green to yellow; petals obovate, fruit pedicel spreading or ascending, seeds spherical, brown. Blooms in May and bears fruit in June.
Chinese cabbage was originally distributed in North China and is widely cultivated throughout China. Cabbage is relatively cold-resistant, prefers a cool climate, and is not suitable for planting on poorly drained clay ground.
Chinese cabbage is rich in nutrients, and the leaves can be fried, raw, salted, and sauced


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