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Tribute strips
  • Tribute strips
  • Tribute strips
  • Tribute strips
  • Tribute strips
  • Tribute strips
  • Tribute strips

Tribute strips

Item No.: 00098
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Origin of raw materials:

Planted in Guizhou Province


Information of dehydration processing plant:

produced in Huoshipo, Wudang District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, modern agricultural park, standardized workshop, pollution-free workshop


Tribute vegetables are annual herbs with bright green color, refreshing texture, taste like jellyfish, and extremely high edible value. Cultivation history of more than 2,200 years, is a pure natural green high-grade dehydrated vegetables.


During the reign of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty in China, it paid tribute to the court, and it paid tribute to the court year after year, so it is called "tribute dish".


In order to ensure the quality of tribute vegetables, it is necessary to harvest them in time. Harvesting too early affects yield; harvesting too late is easy to form hollows, increase crude fibers, and reduce quality.

The optimum harvesting period is when the outer leaves of the Tribute cabbage plant are flush with the heart leaves. Due to the differences in the maturity of individuals in the field, one batch should be harvested and carried out in batches. Choose a sunny and breezy weather, remove the outer leaves and roots of the harvested fresh vegetables, shave the base into a cone shape, shave off the outer skin, shave off the hollow and white heart parts, cut 2 to 4 knives longitudinally, and cut them into roughly uniform slender strips.

(Leave 1-2cm at the base and do not cut through), hang it on the drying rope in the north-south direction, and dry it for 2-3 days (long-term exposure to the sun will affect the emerald green color) until it is dry, and then move it to the room to return to moisture. After packaging, it becomes a commodity tribute vegetable.



With the development concept of "establishing modern enterprises, developing characteristic industries and building well-known brands", the company fully implements the whole industrialization strategy, gradually establishes the production, processing and sales industry chain and a smooth domestic vegetable market network, and conditionally carries out vegetable operation in major regions.


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